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          Vacuum pump manufacturers specializing i

          熱線電話: 0535-2135735
          Product display

          Excellent supplier in China's industrial vacuum / compressor field Main: vacuum pump

          Vacuum pump

          About Vacuum

          The world's leading supplier of vacuum solutions. All for the sake of users. Providing efficient, practical and environmentally friendly products is the aim of Volm's product design!

          Four reasons to choose Vacuum

          The company has been following the business philosophy of "quality first, credit development", paying attention to the cultivation of "Vacuum" brand.

          •  powerful  Large scale

            More than 20 years of production experience, international advanced production equipment technology...

            It has an advanced assembly center assembly workshop and testing center in the ...

          •  Multiple patents

            Long-term independent research and development obtained a number of patents. Wal-Mart leads the

            World technology advantage: master the core technology of vacuum pump. Walm has its.

          •  After sales service

            Professional after-sales service team, regular maintenance and repair services.

            Service advantage: comprehensive technical support, 5S service provider. One-stop vacuum .


            Vacuum Brand

            The industry is widely used, and the cooperative customers have a good reputation and reputation all...

            ● 20Years of experience have created a hard brand concept and products have been recognized.

          Vacuum pump application field

          With the development of vacuum applications, vacuum pumps are becoming more and more widely

          Vacuum pump application

          Vacuum pump selection case, successful cases of a large number of new and old customers across


          致力于真空泵 壓縮機領域事業的發展,打造中國高端國產真空泵品牌